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Terms of service

Payment terms:

14 days from date of invoice, unless otherwise explicitly agreed. Contracts of more than £3,000 may require a deposit. In the instance where this is exceeded we reserve the right to charge interest of 5% on the net figure outstanding until the invoice is settled in full


If the completion of any operations comprised within our estimate and to be performed by us is delayed by:

  1. Adverse weather.
  2. Force Majeure.
  3. Loss or damage by fire.
  4. Civil commotion, strike or lockout.
  5. Delay on the part of contractors or tradesmen not employed by us.
  6. The unavailability for reasons beyond our control of such labour and or materials as are necessary for the proper & safe performance of our obligations
  7. Any other cause beyond our control.

Then immediately upon the occurrence of such circumstances we will give notice to the customer thereof and a fair and reasonable extension of time for completion of such operations shall be agreed.

Erection & Hire:

Commencement of erection at the time required by the customer is conditional upon our having adequate materials and labour available when requested to commence work and to be given reasonable notice to do so, usually 1 week as a minimum.

The standard hire period shall commence 4 weeks after structure has been erected, this is negotiable and is dependant on the individual circumstances. Where we agree to the continuing hire of part of a scaffold beyond the end of the original agreed period stated in our quote, pro rata hire will be payable in respect of such continuance at a rate of 10% per week of original the original erection & hire value, rent shall be charged on the 1st day of each week for that week in advance, the hire beyond the agreed period without notice and agreement is not pro rata’d and is charged at 1 full week regardless of the number of days in that week over the agreed period.

Scaffolding is only to be worked on if it has been handed over to the sub contractor or has appropriate signage on to inform builders & workers it is safe to use.